Terms & Conditions

Please read the following Terms & Conditions before submitting your Booking Request.

“I hereby apply to book one of the Viking Heliskiing (also referred to as VH) packages as specified in the following terms and conditions, which I understand and agree to.”

Bookings, Deposits & Payments

1. When paying a deposit, you have agreed with Viking Heliskiing ehf., a limited liability company registered in Iceland.

2. When you make a booking and pay your deposit, we will reserve your place based on these conditions. Your booking will be confirmed for all people named on your booking.

3. All rates and deposits are in Euros, but an allowance will be made for exchange if payment is in another currency.

4. To secure your booking with VH, you submit a non-refundable deposit of 25% per person. This amount will be deducted from the final cost of your package. The deposit is required within 2 weeks of the reservation date.

5. Full payment for all heliskiing packages is due and payable ten (10) weeks before the package begins or February 1st, whichever comes first, of the package(s) applied for. All payments are considered deposits.

6. If booking a Private Heli skiing package, 20% of the final price for the package is a non-refundable deposit that you need to pay to us ten (10) weeks or February 1st, whichever comes first, before package commencement.


Cancellation & Refund Policy

7. In case of a cancellation, the cancellation must be confirmed in writing via email – info@vikingheliskiing.com.

8. If a cancellation request is received less than ten (10) weeks before the commencement of your package, and if you can find a replacement for the package booked, all funds will be transferred to the replacement.

If you cannot find a replacement:
A – You can reschedule your reservation for the following year, but the non-refundable deposit will not be transferred so you must pay it again, or

B – If you cannot find a replacement and do not wish to transfer the package to the following year, no refund is required.

9. If a cancellation request from your side is received more than ten (10) weeks before the trip commencement date, you can move your reservation to the next year without losing any deposit or payments already made.

10. If VH receives cancellation more than ten (10) weeks before trip commencement, and you wish to not come in the next season, VH will only retain the non-refundable deposit amount.

11. A reservation will be cancelled immediately if VH has not received full payment by ten (10) weeks before the commencement of the ski tour.

12. VH reserves the right to cancel any ski package at anytime.
We always try to find new suitable dates for the package you’ve booked, but if no dates are suitable for you, a full refund will be given in this case.
In case of cancellation, we will notify you as soon as possible.

13. If you reach less than the guaranteed amount of vertical feet, we will reimburse you 30 EUR for every 1000 vertical feet not skied.

Refunds are only given if a person skis less than the guaranteed amount of vertical feet due to inclement weather, avalanche hazard or breakdown of equipment. We do not refund guests who do not reach their guaranteed vertical feet due to poor skiing ability, fitness or injury.

If you choose to stop skiing earlier than your guide recommends, or opt not to ski, no refunds will be issued if the guaranteed vertical feet are not reached.

14. We will not be liable to pay any compensation if we are forced to cancel or in any way change a trip because of unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even with all due care. These include bad weather, adverse snow conditions, unavoidable technical problems with transport, war or threat of war, civil strife, industrial disputes, natural disaster, epidemic, or terrorist activity.

15. If you arrive later than planned or leave earlier for any reason, no refund will be made from our side.

16. If you booked a Private Heli skiing package and didn’t ski some days from the package, we refund 3.000 EUR per day per group.
Refunds are given only if a group cannot ski due to inclement weather, avalanche hazard or breakdown of equipment. We would not refund the group if you didn’t ski due to poor skiing ability, fitness, or injury.
No refund will be issued if you decide to come in early or not ski at all.

17. Heliski packages are sold in units. Therefore no refund is issued if there is no skiing on certain days because of inclement weather or helicopter breakdown. No refunds are issued in whole or part for unused days within the package due to late arrival or early departure.

18. By its very nature, off-piste and heli-skiing require significant flexibility. Whether or not a trip can proceed as planned or at all largely depends on weather and snow conditions. In these circumstances, changes or cancellations can be made at the last minute. Our guides and pilots have absolute discretion regarding whether to determine if a trip (or any part of a trip) can proceed or continue, and you will be expected to comply with their instructions.

19. We guarantee 75% of skied vertical feet (VF) from your package.
For example, if you have 60.000 VF in your package but manage to ski/snowboard 75% out of 60.000 VF (45.000 VF), we do not refund the remaining 25%, which in this case equals 15.000 VF.
If you ski/snowboard less than the guaranteed amount of your vertical feet, we refund 30 EUR per 1.000 VF.


Before & During Your Stay

20. You will not be permitted to participate in any VH package unless the “Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement” is appropriately signed and witnessed.
Please review the Sample Waiver Form on our website.

21. It is possible to reach more vertical feet (VF) than included in your package if conditions allow. Please note that the cost is as follows:

50 EUR per 1,000 VF if there are 4 skiers in the group

67 EUR per 1,000 VF if there are 3 skiers in the group

100 EUR per 1,000 VF if there are 2 skiers in the group

200 EUR per 1,000 VF if you are the only skier in your group

22. All guests are required to arrive at the requested time and location at the beginning of their trip.

23. Note for group organisers – the group organiser is responsible for ensuring that all guests are fully aware of VH Terms and Conditions. The group organiser is also responsible for making sure that payment deadlines are met.

24. All guests under 18 years old must have written and signed documents from a parent or a legal guardian that they are allowed to participate in the booked package and that their participation is in accordance with VH Terms and Conditions.

25. It is mandatory to ski with transceivers, probes and shovels while skiing with VH.

26. Photo Release – “I grant permission to Viking Heliskiing to use photos of me for marketing and promotional purposes.”

27. We reserve the right to alter prices shown in our marketing literature or on our website, and we will inform you of any price changes at the time of booking.

28. We need full details from you about any illnesses, medical conditions, allergies, and the current medication being taken. This information is required purely to assist in the case of an emergency and will otherwise be kept strictly confidential.

29. We agree that any dispute, claim or other matter of any description (and whether involving personal injury or not) arising out of or in connection with your booking or travel must be brought in the Courts of Iceland only.

30. We agree that Icelandic law (and no other) will apply to your contract. If this provision is not acceptable to you, you must tell us at the time of booking.