Why Choose Viking Heliskiing?

Safety: At VH we continually strive for excellence and the safety of our guests is always our number one priority. Our team of guides brings extensive experience and a deep understanding of the Troll Peninsula and Gold Coast. Before each season, we conduct a comprehensive in-house staff training program that includes avalanche and mountain rescue, risk mitigation, interpreting weather patterns, field observations, passenger safety briefings, and more. During the season, daily meetings are held to assess the day’s weather, snowpack, and current conditions. Every guest must attend helicopter and avalanche safety training before hitting the terrain. 

The vertical feet system: We are the only operator in Iceland that uses the vertical feet system. We thoroughly researched the pros and cons of charging guests by helicopter flying time versus by the number of vertical feet skied. We concluded that we provide guests with more transparency and satisfaction by using the vertical feet system. 

Here is why: The vertical feet system is the most used in the heliskiing world. The concept is straightforward and easy to understand. At first glance, using charge by the hour model (charging by flying time) may sound appealing. However, this approach often comes with a higher cost and the risk that the amount skied will not equal the associated costs. 

Operations that charge based on flying time in their standard packages tend to ski less on average than those that use the vertical feet system.

When you charge by flying time, consider this: every moment the helicopter is in the air comes with a cost. For that reason, there is a significant financial incentive for the operation to slow down the program. Even just one additional run per group daily throughout the season can lead to a substantial financial impact. Another factor is the daylight. Days in Iceland are significantly shorter in March compared to May. Therefore, flying time is limited by daylight hours. 

With the vertical feet system, we make the most of the day and ski even more when the conditions are good. We are flexible with our guests, and adding more vertical feet to the package is always possible when conditions are good. In 2023, we set the record with 29 runs, covering 64,000 VF in one single day. 

The facts:

  • Of all the other companies operating in Iceland, Viking Heliskiing can share with you the largest area of terrain – a total of 5,000 square kilometers.
  • We are completely transparent in informing our guests about how many vertical feet are skied daily.
  • We offer a guarantee on the vertical feet included in your package. If you don’t reach 75% of your vertical feet, we will refund you according to our Terms & Conditions
  • We ski the most vertical feet on average daily, outperforming our competitors. We proudly hold the unofficial record of 60,000 vertical feet skied in one day. 
  • We have truly stunning views! There is an ocean view from almost every peak we ski on.
  • All of our guides have the qualifications and years of experience required to ensure you have a safe and fun experience.
  • We have top-quality pilots with the highest safety and quality standards. 


Professional guides: Our team includes experienced guides who know the Icelandic terrain very well. Our guides have diverse backgrounds, including former professional skiers and experienced certified mountain guides with up to 35 years of experience. They will choose the best terrain and maximize the thrill of every descent, always with your safety as a top priority.

Accommodation: Our accommodation, Sigló Hotel, sets us apart from other heliskiing operations in Iceland. It reflects its excellence in the nearly perfect scores it receives on TripAdvisor and its 9.5 rating on Booking.com. No other heliskiing operation offers this level of luxury and comfort. Stunning ocean and mountain views surround the hotel. 

Location: Location is a crucial factor when it comes to heliskiing. That is why we made Siglufjörður our base. This charming town is surrounded by stunning views of the towering mountains and the Arctic Ocean. But what makes it truly special for us is the fact that it’s surrounded by the very mountains and terrain we use for heliskiing. Staying in Siglufjörður allows you to see, feel, and be a part of the culture during your heliskiing holiday. Rather than being confined to a remote lodge, our guests can explore a variety of exciting attractions within walking distance. 

Exclusive terrain: Viking Heliskiing has access to large, unexplored terrain that provides a unique alpine experience on some of the best slopes in the world. Not only do we provide the largest area of terrain, spanning 5,000 square kilometers, but we also claim the title of having the largest private skiing area among all heliskiing operations in Iceland, including the areas where you can ski from mountain summits down to the sea. This offers our guests the opportunity to ski some of the finest ocean runs in Iceland without interacting with other operations.

The Troll Peninsula and Gold Coast (our heliskiing terrain) are mountainous peninsulas with peaks over 1200m above sea level. Some peaks reach 1400m.

Northern Lights: Witnessing the Northern Lights is an amazing experience. The best chance of seeing them is during the clear and dark nights of winter, typically from September to April. Siglufjörður is a great place to seek out the Northern Lights with its breathtaking display over the mountains and ocean. Imagine chilling in comfort in the Sigló Hotel hot tub, as the Northern Lights put on a dance for you. It’s the kind of night you’ll want to bottle up and take home.

The Clubhouse, our exclusive heli-base: After a day on the slopes, the Clubhouse offers the ideal setting to unwind, relax and enjoy some savory snacks and drinks at the bar. But it’s more than a place to unwind, it also provides an opportunity to get to know our guides on a personal level. Share stories and laughs, ask questions, and build connections. When the mood strikes, we kick it up a notch with some upbeat music and fire up the barbecue. The lively atmosphere adds an extra layer of fun to your après-ski moments, creating memories that extend beyond the slopes.

Other experiences: At Viking Heliskiing, we focus on the experience as a whole. In case of inclement weather, we offer a variety of activities and experiences. From whale watching to kayaking and sea angling to riding iconic Icelandic horses, to swimming in natural hot springs. Iceland’s natural wonders surround us, ensuring that we never run out of things to experience.