Viking heliskiing ground & office crew

Our ground crew ensure that every detail is seamlessly taken care of. From coordinating logistics and managing equipment to handling guest inquiries and maintaining communication, our commitment to our guests extends from the moment they plan their trip, throughout their stay, and even after they return home, ensuring a truly enjoyable experience for all. 


SARA – Operations Manager

Hailing from Slovakia, Sara brought her passion for snowboarding to Iceland, where she’s been living for the past six years. She has been a part of our team since 2022. Since childhood, she has loved snowboarding, and after years of freestyle, she also discovered the beauty of freeriding. Sara studied diplomacy and politics, but soon after university, her career took an exciting turn toward marketing and freestyle snowboard events organizing. With over a decade of experience in these fields, we are fortunate to have her as our operations manager. Sara’s attention to detail ensures the smooth operation of every aspect, both on and off-season, making her an invaluable asset to our team. 

Sara loves spending her free time with her daughter, hitting the slopes snowboarding with friends and staying active. Her wittiness and occasional partying add a vibrant touch to her well-rounded personality. 



LENA – Guests Service Manager

Meet Lena, our great and dedicated Guests Service Manager. Originally from Germany, Lena describes her apartment there as more of a pitstop, as she prefers traveling the world year-round. Lena is a passionate snowboarder, and she seizes every opportunity to trade her office chair for a helicopter seat. With a background in event management, she ensures everything runs smoothly during the season with our guests. 



ROSTISLAV “Ross” – Ground Manager

Ross is our Ground Manager. He goes above and beyond to make sure that everything on the ground runs smoothly. Ross is the person who gets things done, whether it’s repairing cars, refueling helicopters, organizing bowsers, anything broken will be fixed, and we love him for his kindness. Originally from the Czech Republic, he has lived in Iceland, on and off for about eight years. His love for hiking, parachuting, ski touring, and heliskiing reveals a deep connection to nature.



MAGNÚS “Maggi” – “Dream Driver”

Born and raised in Ólafsfjörður, Iceland, Maggi is our dream team driver that makes sure our guests are picked up at the airport and that they don’t miss their flights home. In his free time, you will find him riding mountains on his snowmobile or playing football with his youngest daughter.