Our playground

Our heliskiing playground, The Troll Peninsula, and The Gold Coast are located in North Iceland. They encompass an extensive area of over 5,000 square kilometers (1,930 square miles), offering a vast terrain ready to be skied with several peaks reaching over 1200m above sea level and some exceeding 1400m. They stand out as one of the few places worldwide that provide such diverse and ideal terrain for heliskiing/heliboarding. These remarkable slopes have a panoramic view of countless alpine vistas. The surrounding North-Atlantic Ocean makes skiing summit-to-sea a fascinating and a unique experience you will never forget. 

The Troll Peninsula is our main heliskiing territory. Its tallest peak, Kerling (1538m), makes it the highest elevation outside the central highlands of Iceland. The Troll Peninsula lies between two fjords – Skagafjörður and the longest fjord in Iceland, Eyjafjörður. Legend has it that the region is named after trolls who are believed to still inhabit the mountains in the area. 

March to May offer plenty of snow and diverse skiing/snowboarding opportunities. Heliskiing from March to April allows you to enjoy good powder and skiing until nightfall, with the added spectacle of the Northern Lights. The second half of our season is characterized by the extended daylight hours and the thrill of the midnight sun riding. From mid-April to the end of May you will experience world-class corn skiing with the unique opportunity to ski until midnight.  

So, you can expect various skiing conditions and terrain. From fresh powder to perfectly set up spring corn snow, from intermediate slopes to steep, exposed ones. We have snow-covered mountains all the way until the end of June. 

Viking Heliskiing holds exclusive agreements with landowners around the Troll Peninsula and the Gold Coast, granting us access to unparalleled terrain. Our central location ensures quick and easy mountain access and we are the only operation situated right next to the Arctic Ocean. 



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