Our playground

In terms of heli-skiing, there are few places in the world with as many terrain possibilities as the Troll Peninsula in northern Iceland. Named after the trolls that purportedly live in the mountains, the Troll Peninsula lies between the regions of Skagafjörður and Eyjafjörður.

The area is vast, largely unexplored and is the most spectacular heli-skiing area in Iceland covering more than 4,000 square kilometers or 1,500 square miles. The slopes are truly unique, with a panoramic view of countless alpine vistas. The North Atlantic Ocean surrounding the Troll Peninsula makes skiing summit-to-sea a truly exciting option.

Prepare for different ski conditions and terrain: from fresh powder to perfectly set up spring corn snow; from intermediate slopes to steep, exposed and a level that’s not possible at other heli-ski operations due to their more unstable snowpacks. Our vertical drop can exceed 1,500m or approximately 5,000 feet.

During the winter you can ski until it’s dark and then watch the majestic northern lights dance in the sky. In the springtime, there is nothing like skiing down slopes between the towering peaks and ending the ride on the shoreline of the North Atlantic. In May we sometimes return to the alpine after dinner for a few runs under the midnight sun?

Viking Heliskiing have exclusive agreements with many landowners around The Troll peninsula that gives us the opportunity to access privately the best terrain on the peninsula. Many of those runs are among the 256 marked landing we use. This is among one of many things that set us apart from other operators.

Our location in the heart of our skiing area is the key to fast and easy access to the mountains. We are also the only operation that is located right next to the Arctic ocean.



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