Our playground

Only a few places in the world offer such various terrain for perfect heliskiing/heliboarding as Troll Peninsula, north Iceland. Troll Peninsula is named after trolls that are, by the legend, still living in the mountains. Troll Peninsula lies between two fjords – Skagarjörður and the longest fjord in Iceland, Eyjafjörður.

This vast, largely unexplored area is Iceland’s most spectacular heliskiing/heliboarding area, covering more than 4,000 square kilometres (1,500 square miles). The slopes are unique, with a panoramic view of countless alpine vistas. The North Atlantic Ocean surrounding the Troll Peninsula makes skiing summit-to-sea a fascinating experience you will not experience anywhere in the world.

Prepare for different ski/snowboard conditions and terrain! From fresh powder to perfectly set up spring corn snow, from intermediate slopes to steep, exposed once. The last is the impossible level to ski/snowboard at other heliski operations due to their more unstable snowpacks. But it is possible with us. Our vertical drop can exceed 1.500m or approximately 5.000 vertical feet.

When is the best time to come? There doesn’t exist only one answer. From March to May, Troll Peninsula offers plenty of snow and different variations to ski/snowboard on.
To come to heliski/heliboarding in March until the beginning of April offers you to ski/snowboard until it gets dark with the Northern lights up in the sky at night. It is a fantastic show to watch! Heliskiing/heliboarding from mid-April until the end of May, offers more spring skiing/snowboarding, yet the snow conditions can be the same as in March, and you can ride on the fresh powder with the sunshine. To heliskiing/heliboard in May is all about those long days and midnight sun riding.

Viking Heliskiing has exclusive agreements with land owners around the Troll peninsula. These agreements allow us access to the best terrain you can find. Many of those runs are among the 256-marked landings we use. This sets us apart from other operators.

Our location in the heart of our skiing/snowboarding area is the key to fast and easy mountain access. We are also the only operation located right next to the Arctic ocean. Are you all ready for heliskiing/heliboarding with us in this epic terrain?



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