Viking heliskiing pilots

Our pilots undergo strict training to meet the highest safety standards. Their expertise lies in navigating the challenging arctic environment and ensuring a seamless and secure journey for our guests. Safety and comfort are not just priorities; they’re guiding principles that shape every flight. Trust our pilots to elevate your adventure to new heights at Viking Heliskiing.



Gabe was born and raised in Zollikon, Switzerland. He has been flying since 2012 and has been a heliskiing pilot in Iceland for seven years. When he is not working in Iceland, he is flying in Greenland and Africa for the mining industry. During the season you’ll find him stretching in yoga classes, navigating the scenic trails around Siglufjörður, or enjoying some sauna time. In his free time, he goes fly fishing, swimming, and travels. Like all our pilots, flying with Gabe is a fun and memorable experience!



Lukas comes from Saalfelden in Austria and is the founder of the helicopter company SENNAIR. Thanks to his background as a former professional skier, he brings a unique touch to his heliskiing flights and navigates the slopes with an insider’s perspective.

Lukas has cultivated a genuine passion for various flying activities, spanning paragliding to helicopter flying. During the off-season, you might find Lukas tending to his farm, where he occasionally pays a visit to his animals on the mountain pasture, sometimes even using a helicopter for the commute.



Meet David, our fantastic pilot from Austria. Since he was a little boy, he has been fascinated by everything that can fly and decided to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot fifteen years ago. His wife and kids are just as excited about Iceland as he is, and they join him every year during his heliskiing season. In their free time they use the opportunity to ski in Iceland or in the Alps back home.




Herman comes from Maishofen, Austria, and is the co-founder of SENNAIR. He discovered his love for helicopters as a young boy and his childhood dream of becoming a pilot came true in 2013, the same year he met his SENNAIR partner, Lukas. Herman is captivated by the feeling of limitless freedom that flying brings and the ease of moving quickly from one place to another. The breathtaking landscapes he gets to witness from the air also fuel his fascination for helicopters.