At Siglo Hotel we strive to offer our guests a relaxing environment with a classic and romantic design. All our rooms have views over the beautiful surrounding mountains and marina and from the cozy window seat you can watch life go by in this quiet little haven in north Iceland. The rooms are spacious and decorated with pictures from Siglufjordur Photo Museum spanning its history and culture. All our guests have access to our outdoor hot geothermal pool and sauna.


Our guests will enjoy three course dinner that includes catch of the day and local traditional Icelandic cuisine.  Our guests might catch a glimpse of one of our enthusiastic chefs browsing for the freshest fish in north Iceland to be offered later in the day.

Siglo Hotel offers three restaurants. Restaurant Sunna, one of the most ambitious restaurant in north Iceland, is located within the hotel along with the Lobby bar and is open all year round. Hannes Boy is open all year round and offers a great option for those seeking a simpler menu suited for the entire family. Kaffi Raudka rises from its winter dwell in June, but can be used for private gatherings during winter.


Where Iceland meets the arctic circle lies Siglufjordur, in a narrow fjord surrounded by high mountains. Once a growing fishing town, with rich waters for herring. Siglufjordur is the most northern town in Iceland. The road leading in, trough the tunnels reminds you, that not too long ago this place was cut off from the rest of the island during the winters. In 2010 the tunnels connecting Siglufjordur with Akureyri/Olafsfjordur was opened.

Today, Siglufjordur has grown into a community with an established tourism, all year around. The town has the necessary daily amenities you want after a day of skiing. Such as a cozy bakery down the street, micro-brewery, pharmacy, store, museums and restaurants serving todays catch. Our guests can enjoy a private hot tub, perfect for a pair of tired ski legs.