The fleet is made out of the most modern and meticulously maintained helicopters on the market and consist of Ecureuil Astar AS350B2 & AS-350B3 (A-Star's). The pilots are trained to the highest standards, experienced, multi-lingual and friendly with a vast knowledge of Iceland's spectacular nature. The pilots are specialised in flying in the arctic environment, especially in the Tröllaskagi area. The safety and comfort of our customers is always their main priority as well as providing them with an enjoyable experience they will never forget.

Why do we use vertical feet?

„How much skiing will I get“ is a frequent question we hear.  Almost every heliskiing operation in the worls uses vertical feet and there is a reason for that.

For the last 5 years in operation we had flight time included in the packages. The flight time was measured by the Hobbs meter in the helicopter that starts running when the helicopter lifts from the ground. Our experience shows us that using flight time is not guest friendly and total nonsense to be honest. It is confusing, impossible for skiers to keep track of, and it doesn´t tell you how much skiing you will get for the money you´ve spent. 

By using vertical feet we want to gurantee certain amount of skiing, no matter what. Decisions made by guides, change in weather or othere reasons that might cause more flight time will not affect the amount of skiing that you have already paid for. Vertical feet is easy to understand and with today´s technology it is easy for skiers to keep track of their own skiing and make sure that they get what they pay for. 

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Our Pilots

Nicola SchenkerNicola Schenker

Nicola is a helicopter pilot from Switzerland. Since he was a little boy, he was dreaming of flying. Nicola startet his flying career in 2010 in the United States and worked as a Flight Instructor and Commercial Pilot. Like his colleague Christian he was working as well in Iraq for the Special Forces and Air Ambulance service in the mountainous terrain, before he ended up in the breathtaking country of Island. He is happily married to his beautiful wife Flurina and loves spending time with her and his cute daughter Joana. Besides flying you can always find him on the lake fishing fresh trouts or skiing in the mountains of the Troll Penisula.


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